How Facebook Has Developed over the Last Three Years

Facebook has developed dramatically from the social network for students to the internet phenomenon connecting one billion people across the world. Check out the last three years for the latest trends and development!

How Facebook Has Developed over the Last Three Years

Can you believe it’s already been eight years since 23 year old Harvard student, Mark Zuckerberg, founded Facebook? It has developed from a university social-networking website to a global internet phenomenon and this year has been especially fruitful, considering its first initial public offering (IPO) and the acquisition of Instagram.

Facebook has already released its year-in-review roundup covering the most talked-about events on the social network for 11 countries, including the U.S., U.K., Australia, and France as well as the biggest trends in areas like movies, songs, memes, check-ins, politics, and more. As a social media analytics company, we also believe that it’s important to monitor trends in Facebook population growth/demographics and brands that have created the strongest online communities. That´s why we went back to January 2010 and looked at how Facebook developed over the past three years.

Facebook is Growing in Asian and Throughout Developing Countries

Facebook has been gaining speed, especially during the last year. The social network has even reached its one billion monthly active users (MAU) milestone in September 2012! Facebook has become a really powerful platform for marketers. It presents great opportunities for brands looking to create a local community or to expand their global footprint and to penetrate emerging high potential markets.

The United States has always dominated the ranking of the biggest Facebook countries but there have been some interesting shifts in the top 5 over the past three last years. In 2010 and 2011, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Indonesia, and France were sharing the spotlight. However, during last year, we have witnessed aggressive growth in Brazil, India, and Mexico. European countries (like France, Germany, Poland and Italy) have been overshadowed and Facebook growth is moving to developing countries and Asia as you can see in our country and continent statistics.

Older and More Masculine: Today´s Facebook Population

According to our data, the Facebook population is gradually aging from the average of 29 years old in 2010, to a 30 years old average user in 2012. The once student-oriented social network is progressively becoming a network for everyone, even for families and older people who are effectively becoming more computer literate and social media savvy. Everyone wants to be connected with people they care about and Facebook provides them a great platform for keeping in touch via photo sharing, status updates, chat, and more.

Another interesting shift happened in the gender distribution of Facebook users. While women used to dominate the social network in 2010, it´s progressively being overtaken by men, with 53% towards the end of November 2012. To see where they place, click on the country that interests you, in our country statistics. For example, women still spend more time on Facebook than men in the United Kingdom, while there´s an opposite trend in Turkey or India.

Who Will Beat Coca-Cola?

Coca-Cola is holding on to the first place in the ranking of the biggest Facebook brand Pages from 2011. Coca-Cola has taken Starbucks’ place in the spotlight, with Starbucks falling from number one to number 5 over the past three years. Skittles, Nutella, and Pringles also seem to be out of the game. So, now it’s up to Disney, Redbull, and Converse to beat Coca-Cola. Which of these brands do you think has the best chance? Let us know in the comments below! Redbull has already proven that it can generate a lot of buzz in social media when Felix Baumgartner descended 128 000 feet from a stratospheric balloon breaking the speed of sound and some social media records.

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