Which Czech Presidential Candidates are Gaining Speed on Facebook?

Socialbakers’ new campaign and infographic reveals the most (and least) popular Czech presidential candidates on Facebook, via Analytics PRO and public content, on the world’s largest social network.

Which Czech Presidential Candidates are Gaining Speed on Facebook?

We’ve provided an infographic that reveals the most influential candidates on Facebook.

Our study identifies what drives candidates’ popularity in social media, using major metrics such as the number of fans, total number of interactions, the People Talking About This metric, Country Reach, and also top content published by each of the nine candidates.

All findings are available through a new political infographic about each candidate on Facebook. about each candidate on Facebook.

Since it is still a few weeks before the actual Presidential Election will take place, our research focuses on which candidates are currently leading in categories, such as total number of interactions and the most Liked, Shared, or Commented post. We tracked interactions from the 1st through 30th of November to measure changes in online candidate popularity.

“Politicians and brands have great opportunities to use social networks to establish and enhance communication with their fans and customers. It is inevitable to advance beyond counting the number of ‘fans’ or ‘Likes’ and pay attention to why people are talking about candidates and what they care about,” said Jan Rezab, Socialbakers CEO. “Czech politicians today can better understand what information works best in communication with their fans and how social media success correlates with the candidates popularity.”

Key Findings: Interactions, People Talking About and Top Post:

Total Number of Interactions

We’ve measure the total sum of Facebook Likes, Shares, and Comments to find that Vladimír Franz received the highest number among all other candidates, gaining 60 thousand interactions. Karel Schwarzenberg came next, receiving around 10 thousand less interactions, with a grand total of 49 396. Third place belongs with Táňa Fischerová, who received only slightly more than seven thousand interactions.

People Talking About This

In the last seven days, people have created dialogues about the candidates’ Facebook pages. We’ve found that most people are talking about Karel Schwarzenberg. In fact, almost 14 thousand Facebook users have talked about him during an average of seven days. Vladimír Franz flipped positions with Schwarzenberg since the previous metric, receiving second place, with 8 thousand “People Talking About” him. Přemysl Sobotka takes third, significantly lagging behind the two other candidates.

Top Post

The first and second place posts in this metric belongs to Vladimír Franz and Karel Schwarzenberg. Franz posted viral photo, which received almost 8 thousand Likes, while Schwarzenberg posted a campaign picture that his Facebook fans supported with more than 3 thousand Likes.

top post

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