Which Soda Giant Dominates America on Facebook?

Pepsi and Coca-Cola are both strong American brands, but which is the strongest in terms of Facebook fans and in what market? The results may surprise you.

Which Soda Giant Dominates America on Facebook?

Up until a few days ago, it was impossible to breakdown the number of your competitors’ fans according to market without having the admin rights to their Facebook page. Now Socialbakers has become the first and only company to give you access to Facebook’s local data. It didn’t take long to realise that this is huge! Gaining access to the distribution of fans by market of any page on Facebook means that we are able to provide marketers with valuable insights and benchmarks to help them with their social marketing strategies. If you were the page admin of Coca-Cola or Pepsi, wouldn’t you want to know which audience to target in order to grow your fan base?

Obviously, Coca-Cola has more American Facebook fans in absolute numbers, with 56 million fans, compared to Pepsi’s 9 million strong base. But when looking at the relative numbers of the distribution across different countries, Pepsi wins over Coca-Cola with 63,63% of its fans based in the United States (Coca-Cola has only 21,96% of its fan base in America). Find even more data below.

2013: the Year of Consistency and Data

Using this information, it´s easy to see where you most need to concentrate on your Facebook presence and where your competitors are strongest.

Whereas 2012 was about establishing brand presence in social media and recognising the importance of being socially devoted, 2013 will be about consistent, robust data insights that will give your brand a huge competitive advantage. It will be even more important to select a partner which can provide global insights as well as process and analyse local data. Smaller, local providers will simply not be able to cope with the sudden jump in the amount of available data and 2013 could prove catastrophic for them. We are proud to be the first and (so far) only company to launch local fan page counts. At the same time we continue to monitor over 10 million social media profiles accross the world, providing marketers and brands fully complete social media data insights!

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Curious to know the distribution of your competitors´ Facebook fans? Simply visit Socialbakers’ Brand Statistics and click on any page to view the top 5 countries supporting the brand. To view the top 45 countries that Like your and your competitors’ pages, log into Analytics PRO or sign up for a free trial.

Note: We will finish developing a new ranking by local fan counts very shortly so stay tuned and get ready to enjoy a NEW era of local Facebook marketing with us!

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