Keep Your Twitter Fan Base Genuine: Throw Out the Fakes

Now that we’ve entered 2013, it’s time to clean those skeletons out of your closet. We’ve brought you some tips on how monitor your profiles, get rid of those pesky fake followers, and create the most genuine fan base possible.

Keep Your Twitter Fan Base Genuine: Throw Out the Fakes

1. Check your Profile

In order to build and maintain trusting relationships with your fan base, brands should check their fan’s profiles to evaluate the authenticity of their followers.

Socialbakers offers you a free Fake Follower Check tool to determine fake or inactive followers that may be hiding in your fan base.

2. Build a Rapport

Make a connection, not only with each new follower, but also any follower that may seem suspicious to you. Thank the user for following you and identify if they are genuine. If so, you have initiated engagement and are on the right track. If not, consider clearing the cobwebs.

3. Get Rid of Fake or Inactive Followers

Once you have determined ambiguous followers, who seem to have a fake or inactive status, it is important that you remove them from your fan base. Honesty plays a huge role in today’s social media world, and is a determining factor in brands’ success. Your fans need to be able to trust you and understand the relationship you are attempting to build with them. Genuine fans will soon become suspicious if fan levels are high but interaction and engagement is low. To remove a fake follower, simply click the follower’s page to view their full profile, click the drop-down menu next to Following, and then you have the option to either remove them from your list, or block the follower which will make them automatically un-follow your brand.

In the rapidly changing social media landscape, brands’ must continually evolve their strategies to stay on top of the curve. Yet, there is one thing that must remain constant, the honest relationship between a brand and its fans. Keep your engagement active and genuine. Get rid of Fake Followers today!

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