Socialbakers World Tour 2013

Save the date for a meeting with our CEO Jan Rezab in your city to get your hands on exclusive local data, case studies and new features. You definitely don´t want to miss this!

Socialbakers World Tour 2013

We are excited to announce the very first “Meet Socialbakers” World Tour. The CEO and Founder of Socialbakers, Jan Rezab will speak at each event and will be present for the entire duration of the program! As you know, Socialbakers is a social media analytics company, whose user-friendly platform allows brands to measure, compare, and create strategies for their social media campaigns on a global scale.

Get Exclusive Access To Local Data

Socialbakers will launch a new feature in our Analytics and a completely new product during the event! In every country we present in, we will provide amazing local data that has never previously been released. It’s a great place to pick up valuable tips on how to create social media strategies, hear about the latest trends, and view client case studies specific to your market.

This will be an evening event, starting with a 5 pm registration, followed by a presentation by Jan Rezab, and a panel discussion, hosted by 1 or 2 inspiring speakers at each location. After the presentations there is an excellent opportunity to network with like-minded social media professionals at the Socialbakers dinner. As we continually evolve our products based on client feedback we’re very much looking forward to meeting you there and sharing ideas.

Save The Date, Sign Up and Follow #SBWorldTour

Be sure to mark your calendars! This tour will cater to an exclusive audience, as each local event will be capped at around 100 people. To become one of them, sign up by visiting our World Tour 2013 website and selecting your desired city on the roadmap. We will gradually update the website with attending speakers and insiring topics.

If you cant attend the event, become a part of our CEO´s World Tour by following #SBWorldTour

Check out the dates in the image above to see when the tour is heading to your country. This is an event you won’t want to miss!

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