How should a social media report look like?

What metrics you should follow in order to evaluate your Facebook Page the best.

How should a social media report look like?

We often get asked what are the important metrics that should be measured on a Facebook Page. Is it simply the total amount of your fans? Does bigger always means better? Or are there another metrics which are as (or even more) important the the fan count? We have created a simple list of metrics which you should always follow in order to get a relevant measurment of your performance on Facebook:

1. Total number of fans

Yes, it is an important metrics to follow, although, not the only one. Having a good base of fans is always good for your brand.

2. Stable positive growth

Besides number of total fans, you should also take into consideration the daily/weekly/monthly growth of fans on your Page. Is it relatively stable or are there big ups and downs? Your fan base should be always steadily growing. Make sure you do not start losing fans. If that happens, try to identify why are your fans leaving you. Is it a wrong content on your Wall or simple loss of interest?

3. Regular postings on your Wall

Connecting with your fans on a regular basis allows you to give your fans daily information from your company. Make sure you post regularly and don’t spam your fans.

4.User wall posts and interactions

While analyzing your Page, you should always look into the number of user wall posts and also their interactions (likes and comments on your wall). This way, you are able find out if your Page is “alive”, if it has engaging fans, etc. Having tens of thousands of fans is nice, but they are worthless if they don’t interact with you.

5. Evolution of your Engagement Rate

Keep your audience interested by posting regular and engaging posts. If the total engagement on your Page drops, analyze your content to find out why.

6. Response rate

Facebook is all about communication. Fans expect you to talk with them. Make use of this platform and engage into conversations with your fans. They will appreaciate it.

Here is a simple report which analyzes all of the above mentioned metrics on two Facebook Pages compared to each other. We decided to compare Vodafone UK and T-Mobile USA.

Socialbakers Social Media Report View more documents from Socialbakers.

All of these metrics are daily measured and updated in our Socialbakers Engagement Analytics PRO. If you would like to try it yourself, check out our free trial.

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