Will Bigger Facebook Links Mean Greater Reach?

Facebook is rolling out bigger link previews into news feeds. Do you think this change will increase their reach?

Will Bigger Facebook Links Mean Greater Reach?

According to the latest Facebook buzz, the social network is increasing the size of link previews to make them more prominent in the news feeds. The image will almost double from the current 90 × 90 pixels to 154 × 154 pixels and the preview will offer more space for text. It shouldn’t apply for YouTube links but other than that it should affect all links in the desktop version of Facebook. What will the change mean for marketers and page admins? They will undoubtedly be more visible in news feeds and there´s a higher chance that friends of your fans will also bump into them and click through to you content or website.

This is Jamie Oliver´s latest post linking fans to a recipe for a lovely chutney. With a bigger preview he has more space to describe all the wonderful tastes and combinations to go with the chutney, encouraging people to visit his website and to try out the recipe themselves.

About two months ago, we informed you about the decrease in organic reach to about 8 – 9% and the declining reach of links, photos and videos. In fact, the only content post type that did generate high reach at that time we’re text only status updates (11 – 19%). As Facebook makes the new link size accessible to users around the world, we will see just how effective the size adjustment will be. Over time, we will make sure to conduct a new “reach” study on the different content types of Facebook posts to analyze any shifts in percentages.

And since we are talking about the engagement of links, don’t forget to check out this study which revealed that longer links (not the ones generated by web tool shorteners like bit.ly) have a higher Engagement Rate as they seem more branded and authentic to Facebook users.

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