Dedicated Followers of Fashion on Facebook: H&M vs. Zara

Clothing retailers Zara and H&M have established themselves as global high street giants with stores all over the world. But who is leaving the biggest footprint in terms of Facebook fans, and in which countries are they winning the battle for hearts and minds?

Dedicated Followers of Fashion on Facebook: H&M vs. Zara

Despite being from rather different parts of Europe, Swedish H&M, and Spanish Zara have a number of similarities in terms of price points, store location, and an enviable number of Facebook fans. H&M boasts 11 934 117 and Zara is slightly ahead with 13 621 836.

However, its the distribution of their fans is what we found interesting. Using the Local Page Fan Count for Facebook we compared where the biggest numbers of fans were.

For H&M it was clear that the majority of their Facebook fans were in the US, in fact some 15.12%. However Zara, despite being larger retailer, only had 4.38% of fans. Zara was recently criticized in the US press for failing to cater to plus-sized women, although we could not be sure if there is any connection.

H&M’s next biggest fan base was in Germany, which boasts 11.86% of its fans. Again, not so for Zara who could only count 4.52% of their fan base in that country.

Zara did, however, garner the most fans, by a large margin, in Mexico with 10.11% compared to H&M’s 1.81%. Though, in its home market of Spain, Zara was only marginally ahead with 3.92% of fans compared to H&M’s 3.35%.

H&M only had 1.5% of its fan base in its home market, however Zara did not prove popular with Swedish Facebook fans and did not register at all in the top 45 Local Page Fan Count figures released by Facebook.

The UK market also saw surprisingly small numbers with 2.48% of Zara’s Facebook fans being UK based and 4.5% of H&M’s.

Despite this, Zara does have the most amount of fans overall and it appears that their fan base is more evenly distributed throughout the countries they are present in. H&M has countries where there are brand fanatics but may need to work harder on some of its other markets.

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