Socialbakers launches Facebook city statistics!

Exciting day for us, besides continents and countries, we now monitor world cities as well!

Socialbakers launches Facebook city statistics!

Today is another big day at Socialbakers. Besides monitoring Facebook users on continents and in all countries around the world, we have decided to take this monitoring one step further and monitor Facebook users in selected world cities as well!

Have you wondered how many registered Facebook users is for example in London, New York or Sydney? Well, now you can easily find out in our cities list!

From the first data that we have gathered so far, these are the most Facebook populated cities in the world:

So far we monitor selected cities in the world. Soon, we will broaden our statistics and add much more of them, enjoy!

Of course, as key Socialbakers fans, we would like you to help us spread this, like it, share it, tweet it!

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