Socialbakers Plus Helps You Reveal Stories behind Raw Data

Have you heard about Socialbakers Plus? Without this team, brands would be drowning in pools of data. Find out what they can do and join our webinar to see if they could help your brand achieve great social media goals as well!

Socialbakers Plus Helps You Reveal Stories behind Raw Data

We provide you with free statistics and tools like Analytics PRO that delivers key metrics, insightful data, and competitive intelligence that is vital for your brand and industry within social media. But do you also know that we have an experienced team that can help you interpret and understand your brand´s results?

Socialbakers Plus Helps You Get There

Socialbakers Plus enables brands to see the big picture and reach social media goals via detailed analysis, customized reports, easy-to-read infographics, and strategic recommendations. “Our consultants often search for knowledge “behind the data” and help marketers understand patterns and provide them with both strategic recommendations as well as suggestions how to improve their performance on day-to-day basis.” says Lukas Maixner, one of the Co-Founders of Socialbakers and Head of Socialbakers PLUS.

  • Data Interpretation

After 4 years of experience we are confident in analyzing data and setting up the right strategy for your brand.

  • Consulting

We develop and execute communication plans, advise you on your marketing strategy and ensure long term relationship with your consumers.

  • Campaigns

We can design, launch and run effective social campaigns for you. Thanks to precise targeting and creative campaigns, we can help you generate awareness, increase buzz and even drive conversions.

Join Our Socialbakers Plus Webinar to Discover More!

Mark your calendars for Feb 7th at 5 pm CET, for a webinar, hosted by Head of Socialbakers PLUS & Socialbakers CO-Founder, Lukas Maixner. Here’s a sneak peek into what’s in store for you:

  • Social Media Strategies: consulting, planning, and implementation
  • Content Strategies and Management
  • Custom Reporting: including the interpretation of data, connecting data from social media to an internal database
  • General Consulting: such as defining ROI from social media marketing
  • Facebook Mobile Applications: why Facebook Mobile can benefit your brand
  • Facebook Ads Planning: how to most efficiently advertise through your Facebook page

Leading brands such as Nestlé, L’Oréal or Heineken already rely on us to maximize the impact of social media on their communication and define strategies and tactics in everyday life. This premium solutions unit has always had good relationships with agencies and it´s here not to compete with them but to help develop relationships with clients who directly approach them and ask for their services.

If you would be interested in seeing how we can help your brand reach your goal in social, please contact us at and make sure to visit our NEW website by clicking here!

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