Socialbakers launches a new social donating project for Japan!

Socialbakers has developed this social donating Facebook application for The Salvation Army, who will collect all funds associated with the application, and use it as soon as possible in the area.

Socialbakers launches a new social donating project for Japan!

Socialbakers together with The Salvation Army (who has already 3 teams active in Japan), have decided to help out Japan. Japan has helped so many countries over the course of the last years, and when they are the ones, who are in need of help – we should be there for them.

This is why we have launched an application “Unite to Help Japan” on Facebook.

We hope, that if the world socially sees, and everyone is responsible enough to spare $ 10, we could collect some interesting funds. Just over the test period, we collected a starting $ 1000. We hope this will grow.

Unite to help

Why is this donating concept unique? There are Causes, right?

Causes doesn`t add much of a social element, the only thing you can do is actually invite friends. With our concept, we have made it so you can see your ranking among your friends, and as well see how much money you brought in by inviting your friends.

We believe this social part will help users be socially responsible, and attract a higher conversion in donating.

On top of that tomorrow, we will launch the possibility for Facebook pages to send invitations to their fans, and measure how much they brought. We hope this will allow for larger pages, and artists, to open up their social profiles for a little bit of donating.

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