The New Vine App: 5 Tips for Brands

The new Vine app is creating a buzz. But can brands use it to revolutionize the way they use social media?

The New Vine App: 5 Tips for Brands

Recently, Twitter introduced Vine – a new mobile application that lets users capture a number of film frames, which are looped in short 6-second videos and shared on Twitter.

Vine – The Instagram of Video

Some argue that these 6-second video tweets are the next Instagram, as they can artistically capture spontaneous moments, but with motion and sound features. Brands are already experimenting with Vine as a new short ad format. The great news for brands is that they can communicate and entertain across social networks but are less likely to lose consumers attention than traditional advertising.

We monitored how often the Vine app has been used or mentioned on Facebook and Twitter by brands and media throughout the last week of January, after its launch on the 24th until January 29th:

  • 711 “Vine” mentions on Twitter
  • 122 “Vine” mentions on Facebook
  • Mentioned mostly by media and public figures
  • Some brands like Gap, Dove, and Desigual have already created inspiring Vines

5 Vine Marketing Tips

1. Be Playful – give your fans something to smile about. Dove earned a strike by knocking over shower gel pins with their soap bowling ball (view here). Gap folded up their classic 1969 denims in stop motion, check it out!

2. Make emotional connections – the Liverpool FC featured archived pictures and asked its followers what Bill Shankly, one of the football club´s most memorable players and managers, would have made using Vine app and social media (view here).

3. Vine in Real Time – you can utilize the video app for sneak peeks into your product’s production process or impromptu celebrity interviews. The British band, Lawson, used the Vine app to give an interview, greet their fans and to invite them to their tour (click here to see).

4. Vine Brand Ambassadors – super model, Bar Refaeli, was voted sexiest woman in 2012. It’s no surprise that she represented Desigual at the 080 Barcelona Fashion Show a few days ago. She sent “Vine greetings” to her fans on Twitter (see here). Ask your brand ambassadors, celebrities, or models to send a message to your fans via social networks.

5. Vine Teaser – whether you are a brand promoting a product launch, or a zoo advertising to visitors, the Vine app can work for you. Take, for example, these little guys filmed at London Zoo.

Get Creative With Picture, Motion and Sound!

At the moment, the application is available only on the iPhone and iPod touch, downloadable for free in Apple´s App store. Twitter is apparently working on making the app available on other platforms. Let us know what you think about this new app in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

We will further monitor the Vine app and measure its impact so definitely stay tuned!

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