Budweiser is the Social Media Super Bowl Favorite

The Super Bowl is probably on of the biggest sporting events in the US, and is surrounded by big budget commercials as brands try to get the most out of the high viewership potential.

Budweiser is the Social Media Super Bowl Favorite

But how much impact do these commercials actually make? Well social media can give an indication of this, and actually quite a good one. Do potential consumers just passively watch a commercial, or does it engage and entertain them enough to make them want to share it?

As the experts in social media measurement, we have measured the buzz surrounding the game. We tracked the brands that started showcasing their Super Bowl ads on YouTube before the big game and measured how often the YouTube video was shared.

Although our analysis is not yet complete, here’s a quick look at how the commercials performed on Twitter and Facebook.

Although the number of views is an important indication of popularity, it is not the only metric that counts. The number of viewers that enjoyed the commercial enough to share it with friends indicated how successful the commercial was.

Budweiser is way ahead in the field by a significant amount in our Twitter and Facebook charts in terms of fan shares, with their Clydesdales ‘Brotherhood’ campaign.

Compare this to Audi, whose commercial had more views, but had only a small percentage of shares.

Socialbakers CEO Jan Rezab noted: “You have to look at the story behind the data. Where there are a disproportionate number of video views compared to the number of times people shared it, there are a few possibilities: either the ad was did not resonate with viewers, or perhaps the ‘viewer’ numbers were given a little financial push and views ensued a result of paid video seeding rather than great content people want to share. Neither of which a brand should be proud to have on its conscience.”

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