Top issues with Facebook places moving forward

We‘ve put together some questions regarding Facebook Places

Top issues with Facebook places moving forward

Facebook Places rolled out globally, which is a great thing, but also raises many questions regarding Facebook Places.

The top issues that we have at Socialbakers with Facebook places (and that you have been sending us as well), are:

  1. Places Search – When will Facebook fix the search of Facebook Places, and will there be a separate filter while searching? Try searching for JFK airport, the real checkin place is 300th in my newsfeed, despite it being the most socially relevant object to me.
  2. Creation of Places – When will Facebook fix the mobile clients, to not allow creating so many duplicates? I’ve tried creating a 100% match on name and location at Prague Airport, and it lets me.
  3. Duplicates – How will Facebook be dealing with Facebook Places duplicates? Merging them into the official points?
  4. Facebook Places claiming – how are they planning to deal with this issue at scale, so even small coffee shops on the corner can claim their business?

Obviously these and other things are the top to address to Facebook, and we would like to know how Facebook will be dealing with them. Right now, Facebook is not dealing with Facebook Places on the support level, and we believe that Places will add one of the largest overhead ever so far to the Facebook teams.

Dont blame Facebook for everything</strong><br /> Facebook could obviously be blamed for some of the product issues to deal with, but don<code>t blame them if they won</code>t support each and every one of your requests. At Socialbakers we are in daily contact with Facebook, and they are dealing with as many issues as they can, so don<code>t blame them - we</code>re sure theyll get there.

We addressed a few and reached out to the Facebook PR team, but haven`t received an answer yet.

We hope most of these things will get fixed up soon.

See JFK airport, not the real ones though:

The real one is much below, last time I searched it was on the 300th position, now on the second page:

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