Socialbakers/Candytech made it to Telegraph Tech Start-Up 100!

We are proud to announce that Socialbakers/Candytech made it in the Telegraph's Tech Start-Up 100!

Socialbakers/Candytech made it to Telegraph Tech Start-Up 100!

We are extremely proud to announce that Socialbakers and its mother company Candytech have become one of, we quote, “most promising start-ups in Europe” and made it in the Telegraphs Tech Start-Up 100</a>!</p> <p>We cant say how much we are proud and excited to get this. Over the past few months, entrepreneurs from all over Europe have been submitting their companies to the Telegraph’s Start-Up 100. In this list, Candytech/Socialbakers ranks among companies like Rovio (creator of Angry Birds), Badoo (social network dating), SoundCloud, SkyScanner, and many more interesting start-ups!

For us this is a clear signal, that social media monitoring is an important part of the social media ecosystem, and you will be hearing from us more!

We are humbly honored of this accomplishment, and thank also our 250 000 unique users every month who use our services. We are devoted to this, and more will come soon! Its all about you guys, that`s why we build the service, because you guys like it!

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Jan Rezab

CEO, Candytech/Socialbakers

Staff Writer

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