Socialbakers World Tour: Recap of New York City Event! Others in 2 weeks!

We’re thrilled with the turnout at the first stop of the World Tour in New York City! Here’s a recap of the amazing evening and some insight into our World Tour events to come.

Socialbakers World Tour: Recap of New York City Event! Others in 2 weeks!

Our first Socialbakers World Tour event met at The W Hotel Union Square last Thursday, Jan 31st. Considering we sent invites a few days ahead, we had a good turnout of over 50 people, who gave some very positive feedback. We are expecting about 75 – 125 in different locations (although Sao Paulo and Istanbul look like far over 100, and pretty booked out!).

We have great events coming up in Hamburg, Paris, London, Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Sydney, Singapore, Istanbul, and Dubai! Hope you will join us on those events in the following weeks, see event schedule and sign up here.

CEO, Analyst and Instructor at Rutgers University Marshall Sponder said, “Really liked the event and was surprised with how Socialbakers is being used to drive improvements in social media engagement – I was very happy with the event!”

“Great work, as always! You are in a great position to lead the benchmark conversation,” commented Peter Fontana, Research & Insights Director from global conversation agency We Are Social.

As we previously stated, we’ve invited local experts to share country specific data in order for you to gain a better understanding of your market. The New York event included speakers Gauthier Gay, the Group Marketing Manager of Nestlé Waters North America, Phyllis Dealy of Woods, Witt, Dealy & Sons, and Debra Cruz, Vice President of Social Strategy for MetLife joined later for the panel discussion.

US Specific Local Insights that we shared at the event:

  • On average US brands post Photos every second day and they are gaining the highest Engagement rate of all post types.
  • Links and status updates are losing attention and have become marginal.
  • Brands are following this behavior and have lowered the number of these posts down to 2 per month.
  • The average US Facebook user Likes 70 pages.

Other Topics Covered:

  • Top US Content for Market Insights
  • Local Benchmarks for the United States
  • The behavior of local users on social platforms
  • The importance of US brands becoming Socially Devoted and how they can do it
  • An exclusive on the best and least socially devoted US brands

To see the most engaging brands, media and content on Facebook for January, check our latest report here.

This is a series of exclusive events you won’t want to miss – especially if you want to gain more local insights. Seating is limited, so sign up for a World Tour event today!

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