Improving Facebook Response Rates – Walmart Did it, How Can You?

We’ve talked about how important it is for brands to be Socially Devoted. Well, some brands have taken the challenge and amped up their social media customer care!

Improving Facebook Response Rates – Walmart Did it, How Can You?

When we first launched Socially Devoted, an industry standard that measures social media customer care, we were faced with dismal numbers. Overall, 70% of Facebook questions were ignored! However, after challenging brands to become more Socially Devoted, overall response rates increased from 30% in Q2 to 55% in Q4. We’d like to mention some brands that definitely have something to be proud about when it comes to social customer care.

Walmart Takes the Leap Toward Socially Devoted

Walmart has an incredibly active Facebook Page. Only a half a year ago they were ignoring 8 794 customer questions per quarter. It looks like their team really took up the challenge because in Q4 they left only 143 questions unanswered!

Target and Tesco Are Models of Improvement

Target and Tesco have also made great strides in social media customer care. During Q3 Target had a Response Rate of just 38.17%, but grew it to 66.31% in Q4.

Tesco was already a Socially Devoted brand in Q3 but understands that there is always room for improvement. Tesco’s response rate increased from 87.22% to 92.50%.

What this Means in Absolute Numbers

In Q4, Walmart increased its number of responses by 5 388, with Target increasing its responses by 2 377, and Tesco upping their number of responses by 1858.

Becoming More Socially Devoted

  • Measurement: You cannot expect to become Socially Devoted overnight. Set short, mid and long term goals and measure your improvement over time.
  • Resources: Brands need to invest in the resources and have a properly trained response team, especially if the page functions as a CRM tool.
  • Coverage: If you operate in multiple markets, you may find yourself working across several time zones. This means considering the option of a 24/7 social media team.
  • Guidelines: Brands should be ready to respond when fans ask questions, in whatever language. The more markets you cover, the harder it will be to measure the quality of the answers or any issues that may arise, so stringent guidelines and processes should be in place.
  • Support: Your social media team will need support from other areas of your business such as the technical team, product development and CRM. Make sure your team has easy access to the right people in the relevant departments who can help them quickly resolve issues.
  • Observe and act: If similar issues are arising time after time, it will damage your brand. Regular reports to senior management and a commitment to resolving consumer issues are essential.

Walmart, Target, Tesco are prime examples to aspire to. See if you can increase your social media customer care throughout 2013!

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