Socialbakers Report: UK High Street Fashion

The gift-giving holiday season is the biggest shopping time of the year. This is great news for retailers! However, it also means long hours, constant problem-solving and non-stop customer service… and not just in stores. The real test is maintaining a satisfied fan base on social media.

Socialbakers Report: UK High Street Fashion

Because clothing is one of the top gifts given during the holidays, Socialbakers has evaluated the social media performances of High Street fashion brands in the UK. Although there is much more pre-Christmas interaction on social media, we looked at both pre- and post- Christmas activity. Many British brands made the list of top performers, but several worldwide companies scored high marks, as well.

How did they perform before and after the Christmas holiday? Did they gain or lose a significant number of fans? Was their content engaging to their audience?

Take a look at what we found.

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