Socialbakers World Tour: Local Facebook Data for Germany!

We’ve just experienced another amazing Socialbakers World tour event, this time in Hamburg, and now we want to share the hottest local insights revealed at the event with all of you!

Socialbakers World Tour: Local Facebook Data for Germany!

Our second event took place at the East Hotel in Hamburg, Germany. This time around, we had the privilege to discuss social media trends and issues with speakers, Susanne Liedtke from Bonprix, Mehner Matthias from ProSiebenSat1, and Bastian Scherberck from We are Social. Plus we shared some exclusive local insights from all the data intelligence we gather for Facebook brands and users; check them out below!

German Local Insights Given During the Event

  • There are 25 million Facebook users in Germany
  • The average German Facebook user Like 28 pages, 21% of those being celebrities, followed by brands at 17%.
  • Photos are the most popular types of posts in Germany, and German followers can’t complain. Photo posts received the most shares throughout 2012.
  • German brands post much less than brands worldwide.

Be sure to make it out to Socialbakers World Tour in your own region for local insights and strategies on how to optimize your own social marketing campaigns. Dicover more and sign up here!

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