Socialbakers’ World Tour: Local Insights on Facebook for London

We’ve just finished another amazing event – this time in London! We’ve brought you a brief recap of insights shared during this leg of the Socialbakers’ World Tour.

Socialbakers’ World Tour:  Local Insights on Facebook for London

Yesterday’s World Tour stop took place in London, starting at 5pm, at the fantastic Bloomsbury Hotel. We were pleased to welcome speakers, David Parkinson from Nissan and Phil Mitchelson from News International who shared their knowledge and experience of the social media world with the room.

Local Insights from London:

  • On average, UK brands post less than worldwide brands.
  • UK Facebook users, on average, Like 48 Pages, with Brand pages being the most popular, followed by Celebrities.
  • Photos are the most popular posts by UK admins and are the most shared post type by fans.
  • According to rankings by Local Fan Counts, Amazon UK earned first place, followed by Skittles, with Coca-Cola coming in third.
  • Virgin Media, Next, Argos,, and Boots UK are the most Socially Devoted Facebook brands in the UK

Sao Paulo is the next stop on our World Tour. Click here to sign up for events in your region.

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