Socialbakers Report: The Gulf Banks on Facebook

Insight into the social media performance of the Gulf banking industry

Socialbakers Report: The Gulf Banks on Facebook

As stated in the recent Standard & Poor’s report, business is flourishing for the Banks in The Gulf. According to S&P’s analyst Timucin Engin, “Banks in the Gulf have capital to spare and are literally capitalizing on their traditional strengths such as strong capital positions, healthy liquidity, and supportive shareholders to pursue acquisitions in MENA emerging-market countries, where opportunities for long-term growth exist.” It is not only S&P who is claiming this – as reported by SWIFT, its business in the Middle East has outperformed the rest of the world by 45%, confirming region rising importance as an international banking and financial hub. All this great news ignited our curiosity and made us take a closer look into the Facebook performance of selected Gulf banks. Are they social or not? Find out in our report!

The period monitored in this case study was from the 20th of January until the 20th of February.


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