Socialbakers’ World Tour Weekly Round-Up

We’ve just completed the first leg of our Socialbakers’ World Tour, hitting Hamburg, Paris, and London! Now that we’ve moved back over to the Americas, we thought we’d bring you a recap of the past events.

Socialbakers’ World Tour Weekly Round-Up


Our first European event took place at the East Hotel in Hamburg, where we introduced speakers Susanne Liedtke from Bonprix, Mehner Matthias from ProSiebenSat1, and Bastian Scherberck from We Are Social.

At this event, Jan Rezab, CEO of Socialbakers shared local insights, stating that there are 25 million Facebook users in Germany. Also, that the average German Facebook user Likes 28 pages, 21% of those being celebrities, followed by brands at 17%.


Our next stop took place in the Vendome Hotel in Paris. This time, Cyril Attas, the CEO & Founder of Agence Des Medias Sociaux, spoke at the event.

Some local insights from France included that the best time for post on Facebook is from 8 – 12 am and 4 – 8 pm during the week. And that Photos are the most popular post type used by Page admins in France and also the most shared one by Facebook users during the past year.

The United Kingdom

Our final European World Tour event took place in London, England, at the Bloomsbury Hotel. We included guest speakers, David Parkinson from Nissan and Phil Mitchelson from News International who shared their knowledge and experience of the social media world with the room.

Attendees learned that, like France, Photos were the most popular post type in the UK and most shared by fans. UK users, on average, Like 48 pages – Brands being the most popular, followed by celebrities.

Brands from all countries posted less than worldwide brands, on average. Attendees also left with an important message – Being social is not only about one metric. It’s about all of them!

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