How do Online Brands Measure up in Social Media Customer Care?

In today's market, social customer care is more important than ever. This is especially true for online brands. We've put them to the test to see how Socially Devoted they are.

How do Online Brands Measure up in Social Media Customer Care?

Consumers expect great online customer support and they have even higher expectations when it comes to online brands. They believe that their issues should be addressed as quickly as possible in order for them to build trust and loyalty with the company. The truth is that consumers increasingly seek everything, from product details, references and customer service, online. Socially Devoted is a standard and benchmark we have created to challenge brands to become more responsive to their fans and customers. So, let´s have a look at how these 5 well-recognized online retailers measured up during Q4 (October 1st – December 31st).

Amazon is Nearly There in Social Customer Care

Amazon ranked first in Forbes magazine´s 2011 Customers´ Choice Awards and consumers apparently used words like “efficient”, “fast”, “reliable”, “no hassle”, “easy”, and “free shipping” to describe the online retailer. Amazon almost joined the ranks of Socially Devoted, answering 63.10% of fan questions. This percentage is just shy of the criteria of Socially Devoted, which is at 65%

eBay Needs to Beef Up its Social Support

The customer service of eBay seems to be very poor on Facebook due to the fact that only 39.80% of the questions got a response from them. Not to mention that it takes them more than 17 hours on average to get back to their fans and customers. eBay is far from being Socially Devoted on Facebook.

Target Style, BestBuy and Groupon UK are Socially Devoted

Target Style almost didn’t meet the Socially Devoted standard, which would be a shame because from the looks of their wall now, they are doing their best to respond to each post. The team also signs their names under some responses, which creates a more personal interaction.

BestBuy and Groupon UK have proved to be the most responsive online brands from the bunch. Their average Response Times of nearly 4 and 6 hours have also convinced us that they are quite serious when it comes to customer care on Facebook.

Not Responding is Not the Answer

We can assume that most of the questions posted to the walls of online retailers can be quite uncomfortable, spanning from shipping problems to product/ service issues, and financial discrepancies. But not responding to them is not the answer. Ignoring questions can create backlash and criticism about ignoring the needs of the customers. Bear in mind that “word of mouth” is powerful on Facebook. That’s why it´s more crucial than ever to respond to as many queries as you can.

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