Socialbakers World Tour: Local Insights for Mexico

We had a great time during the Mexico City event! Here is a round up of what was discussed.

Socialbakers World Tour:  Local Insights for Mexico

Our Mexico City event included speakers Lenn Altschuler Dana from Televisa, David Posada from GroupM Interaction Latin America, Carlos Silva Ponce de Leon from Blackberry México, and Claudia Ruth Marin Reveles from Grupo Modelo. These experts in the market shared their experiences and insights into Mexico’s local markets.

Local Insights from Mexico City

  • On average, Mexican brands post more than worldwide brands.
  • The average Mexican Facebook user is a fan of 41 pages.
  • Coca-Cola, Converse, and Cinépolis took the top three positions in Local Fan Counts.
  • Liverpool, Movistar MX, Sams Club México, lusacell, and Sony Mobile MX are the top five Socially Devoted brands in Mexico.

Sydney is our next stop on the World Tour. To sign up for events in your region, click here.

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