Repeat after me: Social is not about 1 metric, its about all of them

When we released our customer care studies, there was some talk about this metric not being the key element in social media. This is completely correct. Our company has always said that, “social is not about 1 metric, it’s about all of them.” This means that social marketing is not only about fans, customer care, or engagement exclusively - it must consider all of these metrics and much more!

Repeat after me: Social is not about 1 metric, its about all of them

If you are involved in social marketing or social business, you should consider many elements when developing your social strategies, such as:

  • Social engagement, social content, and storytelling
  • Social commerce
  • Social advertising – there are about another 10 metrics to follow here
  • Influencer marketing – influence measurement & building framework
  • Social listening – there are many metrics to measure here
  • Social customer service

We have been particularly focused on social media customer service, since it hasn’t gotten much recognition. If we created the impression that the majority of your social marketing efforts should be directed to social customer service – we apologize. Although social customer service should weigh heavily on your social strategies, it should not be the only thing to consider. Though some companies may experience exceptions to this rule, the vast majority can not rely only on social customer service as the only metric. Developing an effective social media strategy is about choosing the right mix, building your own framework for measurement and score cards that work for your business.

Social media is probably one of the most complex areas of marketing, as it integrates all the known elements of marketing, business, strategy, and even things like customer satisfaction. We know that all of these elements must be integrated into your marketing strategies, which is why we help over 1 350 of our clients do it and educate over 600 000 marketer visits on our website.

Read our earlier article: Social is not about 1 metric, its about all of them. The criteria in this article still apply, even though it was written eight months ago. However, we do understand that it will have to be adjusted in the future, since the world of social is rapidly and continuously changing. In the following months, we will be sharing some of the best practices for social marketers. This includes setting up a measurement framework from what we see is being standardized in the business. We will provide these insights with the help of agencies and clients from around the world.

Today, we are asking our community, our ambassadors, and everyone else in our Questions community section: What are your top metrics in social media?


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