Automated Facebook posting can make your page fail… Engadget now knows.

Automatic CAREFUL!

Automated Facebook posting can make your page fail… Engadget now knows.

So what happened? Last week Engadgets Facebook page</a> fired out 7 Facebook posts in about 60 seconds. Not only does that lower engagement, but also fans will feel they are being spammed quite a lot, and the engagement of the content posted gets decreased significantly.</p> <p>We are not criticizing Engadget here. In fact, we love Engadget, it is the best gadget blog in the world, in fact, I have been using this portal personally for so long, that I cant even remember when was the first time I read it. But we would expose any Facebook page that would send its Facebook fans 7 posts in 1 minute, although it was probably a bug of the application they used to publish – eventually its the problem that they allowed it to publish the posts.

Engadget’s posting spree

Engadget uses RSS Graffiti to power posting to its Facebook pages, which is still one of the most popular tools for publishing on Facebook pages.

Let me explain some issues with using automated posting:

  1. The fact that you don`t post any content in the post, only the link, is pretty rude – no working with the community
  2. The fact that sometimes, the tool just decides what is best for you in terms of posting – for example posting many times like on the images below
  3. If you use one application for doing that – like RSS Graffiti, your post might get hidden among other pages that use the same application for publishing

We recommend Facebook Page owners out there not to use automated posting tools, but rather to look out for effective social CMS tools that can help you manage and schedule your Facebook posts.

Take the time with your communities, make sure you manage them, manage their expectations, and be social on your Facebook page! We do hope you share this story to help you and other companies avoid problems like this in the future!

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