Moccona: How The Coffee Brand is Socially Devoted

Moccona knows coffee. And according to Socialbakers, Moccona also knows social customer care. As one of the Socially Devoted brands of 2012, Moccona makes the cut with an 84% Response Rate for Q3. The brand takes social very seriously and it shows with their diligence and unwavering devotion to customers.

Moccona: How The Coffee Brand is Socially Devoted

Socialbakers spoke with Amanda Gordon, Community Manager for TheFARM Digital which heads up the Moccona Facebook page. When asked about their decision to incorporate a Facebook page for the brand, Gordon explains, “When TheFARM began working on the Moccona account in 2010, it was very evident that this was a brand that would be suitable to launch in social media. Moccona is one of the key players in the Australian instant coffee market, and boasts a uniquely emotional connection with its consumers. For a Moccona drinker, their cup of coffee is a little indulgence in a busy day. Because of this emotional connection, launching a Facebook page was a natural next step to tap into the emotional connection consumers have with the brand and the indulgence of their “coffee moment,” and Moccona’s page launched in December 2010.”

Understanding the importance and power of word-of-mouth-marketing, Moccona realized social was the way to get the brand’s name out there and gain the trust of new customers. This point was a key player in the decision to launch a platform for conversation and connections between customers and the brand. “Foremost, we know that consumers trust the recommendation of a friend above all other forms of media. Because we think of social media as digital word of mouth, it was important for us to harness the power of recommendation through social media. Secondly, because of the emotional connection that fans have with Moccona, we strive to nurture that connection by responding to user’s comments and questions enthusiastically & quickly. Finally, we were able to acquire new fans – potential new consumers of Moccona who already had a connection established with the brand before they even entered a supermarket.”

“With these objectives in mind, we honed a content strategy for Moccona that fosters the consumer – brand connection, worked with the media agency & brand managers to create a media strategy that emphasizes social context, and implemented a Facebook moderation & customer service process to engage and respond to fans in a timely manner. The implementation of a reporting and benchmarking system allowed us to track the progress of the brand’s growth, engagement, and ROI in Facebook,” explains Gordon.

Because of the brand’s consistent presence online, they managed to answer 43 of the 51 questions posted to Facebook by fans in Q3 of 2012. With the success of the social media campaign, brands are sure to experience some changes in the marketing strategies. Gordon explains what went into the marketing approach for Moccona once social media took off. “Like many brands, Moccona knows that the recommendation of friends is the holy grail of marketing – it surpasses traditional media by far as the most trusted form of media. Unlike traditional marketing channels such as TV, social media drives engagement & conversation – exactly the kind of interactions we wanted to begin to see for Moccona. Based on brand research, we knew that Moccona drinkers have a strong emotional connection with the brand, and believed social media was the best channel to complement the brand’s above the line activity and foster a stronger connection with consumers – which we believed would lead to greater reach and awareness through recommendation.”

Achieving Digital Word of Mouth with Analytics PRO

Because of the hard work going into the social media world, Moccona needed to see hard data to explain where the strengths and weaknesses lie in their strategies. So how is Moccona tracking their data? “We are currently using Socialbakers Analytics Pro in conjunction with Facebook Insights & Google Analytics in order to report on Moccona’s progress in monthly and quarterly reports. Moccona’s emphasis on connecting with consumers has led to an increase in both engagement & reach, achieving digital word of mouth – the best kind for an FMCG brand like Moccona.”

“A combination of rapid, friendly responses to fan queries, relevant content, and social context around our media has led to an increase in both engagement and reach in the last few months, allowing us to focus on frequency of purchase & consideration with our existing fan base, while employing reach to turn our Moccona fans into advocates for the brand.”

Social Customer Service is just Like Customer Service in Real Life

Being present online isn’t enough for great customer service. It takes quite a bit more than just being available. So, what else does it take to be successful with social customer care? “Good social customer service is just like customer service in real life – a polite, personal acknowledgement by a brand can go a long way! Being transparent, available, and personable is just as important in social media as it is in a bricks and mortar store. Moccona is a great page to manage in terms of social customer service, as we have gathered such a positive and loyal community – so we receive a lot of positive feedback from fans about our new product. Our most frequent queries from fans are where they can buy Moccona products. All comments, suggestions and feedback are fed directly into the marketing teams, so there’s an open line of communication between fans and the brand – giving us the opportunity to be authentic and consistent with Moccona’s brand values.”

And because Moccona values their positive and loyal community on Facebook, the brand has seen a real difference in their social media platform. What exactly has changed for the brand since going social?

We Sustain the Momentum and Foster a Connection by Responding Quickly

Gordon explains, “In our most recent campaign, Moccona’s objective was to increase engagement and reach by unlocking the power of consumers to tell the brand’s story to their friends. We believe that by responding quickly to fans queries and comments, we sustain the momentum driven by media and content, and foster an even stronger connection with fans who go out of their way to talk to us.”

“With such a rapidly growing fan base, Moccona needed a strong system in place to ensure that no fans went unanswered. More time has been dedicated as the community has grown to respond to fan queries. Additionally, TheFARM developed an FAQ document in order to streamline our communication with the Moccona team and ensure that we have the information we need at our fingertips to respond to fans in a timely, accurate manner. Moccona has always been a loved brand, but we’ve seen a larger number of conversations happening on our page than ever before. A strong relationship with the Moccona brand managers and a comprehensive understanding of the brand allow us to adopt the right tone of voice for our fans. As with all of our clients, we set up a social media outbreak (SMO) document for Moccona when we launched their Facebook page, which outlines the escalation process in case any comments require additional attention.”

“Numbers and business objectives aside, we’re beginning to see a real community develop on the Moccona Facebook page – a group of Facebook users who genuinely love the Moccona brand and talk openly with us and each other about how much they love the product. We’ve had a lot of positive responses about the launch of our most recent new product, and when we do receive questions or negative feedback, we’re nimble enough to be able to answer questions quickly and directly – something that we believe strengthens the brand’s relationships with customers.”

Moccona is a true testament to what being Socially Devoted can do for a brand! Creating an open platform to engage customers, being available and willing to solve issues in a timely manner has really given the Moccona brand a big presence on social!

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