Facebook releases the new Send button

Facebook releases another social plugin.

Facebook releases the new Send button

Facebook is all about sharing, just over a year ago, Facebook has released the Like button which allows users to easily share web content with their friends with only one click.

But what if you want to share specific content only with a certain group of your friends? Up until now, you didn’t have much choices of how to do this. Well, these days are over, as Facebook has just introduced their new Send button.

How does it work?

The Send button is a social plugin which allows people to easily share web content with specific friends on Facebook, groups, or even email it to an individual. This gives new possibilities to Facebook users of how to share content with their friends. For example, if you are planning a vacation with your family, and are searching for hotels and accommodation, you can easily share your choices only with your family members or friends and later discuss the best deals.

We really like this feature as it will grow the number of shares of web content on Facebook but what’s more important, it will make sharing more efficient as you can easily target friends or groups whom you want the content to be shared with.

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