Setting up Social Media for your Start-up

Making a name and building awareness are some of the most important factors for the success of fledgling companies. But how do you get started in social media and what are the factors that you need to be aware of? We’ve brought you some tips on how to set up your social marketing strategies.

Setting up Social Media for your Start-up

Going Social

Every company is concerned with raising brand awareness, but this is even more relevant for start-ups. Start-up brands can utilize social media to gain new audiences. Not only this, but instituting an effective social marketing plan makes it possible for the Page admin to easily sculpt your brand’s image, resolve any business problems or crises that may arise, provide social customer care, advertise products, and much more!

Tips for your Social Media Strategies

1. Monitor your competitors – be sure to check out what similar companies are doing, how successfully they are doing it, and on what platforms. Some of your competitors have been involved in social since its inception, and have tried-and-true methods of utilizing it. If you have a very small niche business with only one or two clients, you may need to decide if social media is right for you. Our Analytics Pro provides measurement and insight into how your competitors are performing.

2. Understanding post times and content – Once you have decided which platforms are right for you, you need to target your specific audience. You must understand not only which days of the week and times per day are best for engaging your fans, but also the frequency of your posts. Remember, more posts do not always mean higher engagement. Choose quality over quantity, and post content that is relatable and sharable.

3. Be Socially Devoted – providing customer care on social should be a key component of your marketing strategies. That’s why we’ve created an industry standard, called Socially Devoted, in which to benchmark your brand against. It is important to keep an open line of communication between you and your potential fan base so that followers will remain loyal to your brand.

4. Identify your key influencers – identify the users that most frequently interact with your Page’s content and determine which ones to develop relationships with. If they are on board with your business objectives, you can invite them to become “brand advocates.” Brand advocates are encouraged to create positive discussions around your product and to allay negative sentiment that sometimes may arise in user posts.

5. Don’t be afraid to experiment – since the social media world is constantly changing, you must also continuously modify and improve your social media strategies. While creating content, don’t be afraid to experiment. However, make sure to monitor how engaging this newly posted content is, how it affects reach, and whether your target audience identifies with it.

We’ve got the tools you need to measure your brand’s social media performance and your competitors’. Be sure to check out for more information and try our 14-day trial today!

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