How Are You Measuring Up: Tracking the Right KPIs for Electronics

Last week we brought you some tips for tracking the right Key Performance Indicators for the media industry. Today’s article focuses on how to measure the performance of social care and provide insights for marketing strategies for electronics.

How Are You Measuring Up: Tracking the Right KPIs for Electronics

The electronics industry faces a number of challenges that differ from other industries. For example, online sales are particularly important, so a significant percentage of the consumer base is already logged on and looking for solutions. Another consideration is the need to collect consumer feedback for product development. More traditional ways of gathering this include consumer surveys and focus groups, however this type of feedback is seen to be highly subjective, as it is difficult not to affect the consumers responses. On social media platforms, feedback tends to be more honest and unbiased.

Important Social Media KPI’s for Electronics Companies

  • Engagement Rate: The amount of user interactions (Likes, comments and shares) that occur with your Page.
  • Key Influencer Identification: Identifying the users that most frequently interact with your Page’s content.
  • User Activity: Identifying the times of days and the days of week in which your users are engaging most frequently with your Page.
  • Response Rate: The percentage of user posts or questions that the admin responded to.
  • Distribution of Fans: Identifying which countries your Fans are from.
  • Ad Analytics Tools: Receive analysis of paid social media advertisements.

Social Media KPIs Can Provide Business Solutions


  • Direct ROI for Online Sales to Consumers
  • Brand Recognition/Awareness
  • Product Feedback
  • Social Customer Service

Find out how to link business solutions to Social Media KPIs, which ones you should be tracking, why you should be tracking them, and how to evaluate the results in the complete study here.

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