A Walk Through Socialbakers Analytics Pro

Need some help sprucing up your social media campaigns? Socialbakers’ Analytics Pro makes it easy for you to effectively bolster your social media presence across Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. We’ll walk you through it.

A Walk Through Socialbakers Analytics Pro

Keeping Track of Your Performance

Social media analytics measures the most important key performance indicators for your social media campaigns, growth rate, engagement rate, page score, and country reach. Growth rate measures the increase or decrease of fans following your Page during a selected amount of time. Engagement rate measures the percentage of daily fan interaction with your posts during a given time. This is found by calculating the number of comments, likes, and shares made on a Post divided by the total number of fans. Page Score measures four variables, fans, content, engagement, and quality. Country reach indicates by country how many users are fans of this Page.

Analytics Pro helps you to understand which content (Facebook posts, tweets, YouTube videos) is most engaging for your fans, which audience to target, and in which country your campaign is most successful.

Monitoring the Competition & Industry Benchmarks!

Open the Analytics Pro to set up your customized account. You can add any Facebook page you wish to monitor my clicking “Monitor New Page.” Analytics Pro then tracks four different variables to analyze the pages’ performance – fans, content, engagement, and quality.

You can compare how other brands in your industry are performing through social media by monitoring their fan growth, the content they are posting, how their fans are engaging their posts, and whether the admin posts too little or too often.

The most unique feature of Socialbakers is that we have a great categorization system, where you can categorize, for example, airlines, globally. By doing this, airline companies can compare themselves to an industry benchmark (the combined performance of competitors). This allows brands to see whether or not they are doing better than the competition. Socialbakers also provides custom benchmarking,

Local Fan Counts on Facebook

A few months ago, Facebook introduced its Local Fan Count. Analytics Pro allows you to breakdown your and your competitors’ fans by country. By determining in which country your brand dominates, you can gain insight into improving your social media strategies, targeting your audience, and creating the most effective content for your fans.

Evaluating Twitter

Which tweets do your fans enjoy the most? The Tweets category evaluates tweets on a monitored Twitter profile. You can measure the actual value of tweets and retweets on a given day made by you or your competitors’ Profiles. You can also monitor the number of average tweets, the day with the highest tweets, the total number of retweets, and the average number of retweets per day during the selected time range.

Competitive Analysis on YouTube

You can also determine which YouTube videos fans like the most. With Analytics Pro, you can monitor total uploaded video views, total subscribers, total time viewed, total channel like/dislike ratio and much more. By monitoring which videos fans are engaging with the most, you can create more effective content and bolster your social media presence on YouTube.

The Importance of Labels

You can organize your dashboard by creating labels. This allows you to filter social media Pages to specific industries. You can select as many accounts as you want and label them with a category or topic. For example, you can choose different airline companies and label them under the category “airlines.” Now, after selecting the correct labels for the Pages you are monitoring, Analytics Pro provides a comparative analysis into multiple pages throughout the industry.

Our charts section provides graphical charts analyzing the most important KPIs for social media, such as share of fans, which shows you the percentage of fans shared amongst the labeled pages, response rates vs. number of posts, fan engagement, and much more!

More features added every week!

Socialbakers Analytics’ innovation doesn’t stop here. We add more features weekly, reflecting as many client requests as possible. We continually improve our products according to platform changes, while also innovating our own roadmap. This way, we are able to provide the best metrics, charts, and intelligence from social media for so many companies.

New feature this week: Infographic reports!

This week, we will be launching infographic reports, which will be immediately available to all our clients. Here’s a sneak preview of just a small amount of what the reports have to offer.

Success Stories

Socialbakers helps the world’s top companies, and at the same time serves great local brands around the world.

Find out how Socialbakers’ Analytics Pro has helped Nokia, in this interview with Thomas Messett, Global Editor in Chief of Social Media at Nokia.

Bonprix also has found success through Socialbakers.

Keep in mind that extensions, such as Ads Analytics are also available in addition to our key base Analytics Pro product. Make sure to sign up for the 14-day free trial.

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