Game of Thrones! How the Smash Hit Performs on Social Media

We took a look at the smash hit series “Game of Thrones” to see how it is performing on social media with some interesting results.

Game of Thrones! How the Smash Hit Performs on Social Media

Jon Snow Wins the “Game of Thrones” on Twitter

Those familiar with the show know that it is full of strong characters, but who do you think generates the most buzz on Twitter? It may surprise you to learn that Jon Snow is the personality that gets the most fingers tapping by a rather large margin.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the US boasts the most fans, but it’s interesting to note a massive fan base in Brazil and in the U.K. Despite this, after the Americans, it’s the Canadians who talk about Game of Thrones on Twitter the most.

The excitement surrounding the screening of first episode of the third season (March 31 in the US and April 1 in the UK) was reflected on Facebook, and Engagement Rates (likes, shares, comments) tripled on these days.

As one post can generate as many as 36,000 shares, it’s a sure sign that TV companies need to look closely at their social media strategies.

CEO of Socialbakers, Jan Rezab, stated that: “There is obviously the desire from the US for people to connect to their favorite programs and show that they are fans. So, it’s important that companies, which produce content, consider social media when launching formats. Monitoring the social media landscape could be a useful tool to generate buzz, keep the series top of mind, as well as gauge the popularity of characters and act as a guide of how to best feature them in their marketing mix.”

Listening PRO

Socialbakers’ Listening PRO is a handy tool that monitors your Facebook and Twitter accounts in real-time and notifies you when you are mentioned in conversations. Advanced keyword searches can help you identify new sales prospects, manage crises in real-time, aggregate product feedback, and more without getting spammed by alerts, since you can customize them. You can choose to receive alerts only when users are discussing your product or when you are mentioned alongside your competitor.

How Listening PRO Tracked the “Games of Thrones”

The Listening tool is also great for tracking trends and special events, like the long awaited premiere of the fantasy series “Game of Thrones,” aired last Sunday on HBO. To determine the buzz it generated on Twitter, we tracked the following mentions and hashtags: @gameofthrones, #gameofthrones, #got, and the phrase “Game of Thrones.” These keywords were mentioned 926 547 times across Twitter worldwide from March 1st – April 2nd 2013.

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