Wrong direction?! Facebook pushes users to open profiles!

Today, Facebook has changed one of the most sensitive issues on its site - privacy. But in some cases to the worse.

Wrong direction?! Facebook pushes users to open profiles!

Facebook has launched the long expected privacy settings and the ability to post to different groups of people, include them or not include them. This on it’s own is great, but:

  • Facebook is pushing users to OPEN their profile. Which means the default settings if you come in is an OPEN profile
  • If you now register to Facebook, you will have an OPEN profile – people, who are pushed by those with CLOSED profiles might not have this communicated, and this is absolutely misleading for them

Is Facebook losing itself for a unnecessary crusade against Twitter?

I understand, that Twitter has launched its realtime searches with Google and Bing, and that’s great, and that’s a great thing to battle. But come on, is this really what Facebook is after? Facebook is about relationship, friendship, and connection. Twitter is tiny compared to Facebook, they dont have to battle it – they are different.

I understand Facebook is also trying to get to real-time search, but is it really necessary to push 350 million users and promote them to stream content publically? Facebook is not Myspace, it has closed profiles.

Don’t get me wrong, I love that I can see realtime search, but I hate Facebook promotes this as the default version, and if you have it by default set to everyone, then you can’t set it differently for example in the mobile version.

Deleting previous privacy settings

Another thing is, Facebook has deleted some of the previous privacy settings deployed. So currently I am not able to filter likes, comments, or other things I previously hidden. See more in the Allfacebook article.

So here are some suggestions:

  • If a user registers to Facebook, the default should DEFINATELY be closed profile
  • Give us back the PRIVACY settings…
  • Please don’t promote that people should by default keep “Everyone”, rather then “Old settings”.

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