FMCG brands are the biggest category on Facebook

FMCG and Fashion industry belongs to the biggest on Facebook!

FMCG brands are the biggest category on Facebook

Following yesterday’s article, let’s look at the market sectors more in detail. As seen yesterday, the biggest Facebook Pages in terms of number of fans belong to the FMCG sector. It seems that this trend will continue as FMCG Facebook Pages also have in average the fastest growth from all other sectors.

Top brands in this sector are Coca-Cola with more than 26 million fans, followed by Oreo (19M fans) and Red Bull (18M fans). As seen from this list, the top FMCG brands also belong to the biggest Facebook Pages overall.

Second biggest category on Facebook is the Fashion industry where the leading brands are Converse All Star, Converse and Victoria’s Secret.

Industry which surprised us was the Automobile industry. If we’re talking about the average fan Page size, this sector is rather small on Facebook. Top brands are BMW (5M fans), followed by Ferrari (4M fans) and Audi USA (3M fans). Even though this sector is not that big on Facebook, it belongs to one of the most engaged industries on Facebook according to our Engagement Rate.

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