What can you do with Socialbakers CMS for free?

Our new Facebook Page management product - Social CMS comes in FREE version as well. What features can you enjoy?

What can you do with Socialbakers CMS for free?

Our management platform for Facebook Pages – Social CMS has been up and running for couple weeks already and so we decided to share some inside look at the system with you guys.

Social CMS comes in 3 different user accounts – each one of them offers different features based on the user’s needs. Because we really want to share the benefits of using a CMS for Facebook Pages with everyone, we have one account completely for FREE! So give it a try, install it on your Page and enjoy the benefits of the system!

What features do you get with the free account?

Wall posts scheduling

Having a posting plan is crucial for every successful Facebook communication. You can plan your postings ahead, insert them into the system and let our CMS to post at the correct times on your Facebook wall.

Install 1 Active tab

Why not to add some spice to your Facebook Page? Choose one of our own applications and install them directly on your Facebook Page. Launch your own quiz application today!

Access for up to 2 people

Correct management of your Facebook Page requires input from more people at one time. That’s why you can access the free version with two different Facebook accounts so even your colleague can join in and help you with the work.

We believe that using our content management system will help you establish a successful communication on your Facebook Page. Try it now for free and let us know what you think!

Go directly to CMS – http://cms.socialbakers.com

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