66% of People Use Mobile to Tweet About Brands!

The rising use of mobile to access the internet is a well-known phenomenon. We take a look at the scale of brand engagement on Twitter using mobile…

66% of People Use Mobile to Tweet About Brands!

A Socialbakers study has shown that an amazing 66% of user generated tweets mentioning brands are now executed through mobile devices.

The study looked at a number of pages and over half a million posts mentioning brands throughout March 2013.

About 44% of Tweeters used Twitter for iPhone, making it by far the most popular application. Twitter for Android followed, accounting for 20% of mobile users and Twitter for Blackberry accounted for 11%.

Our CEO, Jan Rezab, said: “As smartphones become cheaper and more accessible, people are increasingly using them to talk about brands on Social Media. The question is, are brands doing everything they can to make the most of this valuable channel? For example ensuring that their links are optimized for mobile, that they properly monitor the channel, analyze the best time to engage with their followers, and respond to their questions in a timely fashion. ”

Social is becoming more mobile! Keep an eye out for more social data related to mobile coming soon!

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