Why we Rank Socially Devoted Companies by Answered-Unanswered Questions?

We are often asked why we measure Socially Devoted companies by answered minus unanswered questions? Well, here’s the logic...

Why we Rank Socially Devoted Companies by Answered-Unanswered Questions?

When studying one of our local reports you might have wondered why a specific page is doing better than another, though it has a lower Response Rate and maybe even a lower Response Time?

Originally, we measured everything by response rate, and we quickly found this method to be quite unfair. For example, say a company responds to 9 out of 10 questions, they would earn a 90% Response Rate. Now imagine that another company responds to 9 000 out of 10 000 questions. They’d also have a 90% Response Rate. However, it is clear that the second company is performing better socially.

Then, we thought about ranking brands by the number of unanswered questions – which initially seemed fair. Upon further contemplation, we concluded that measuring answered minus unanswered questions yielded the fairest results as it takes into account the volume of answered questions.

Going forward, we’d like more metrics to play a part in measuring social performance, starting with Response Times and also considering elements such as depth of conversation. We’d love to hear any feedback you may have suggesting other methods of measuring social performance.

See below a sample of a regional report:


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