How to manage Facebook pages in large organizations?

How can our CMS help you in your daily work with Facebook?

How to manage Facebook pages in large organizations?

You might only have 1 person managing your Facebook page, but sometimes you need input from someone else, or maybe even many others! Maybe you are a large organization, and you need input from marketing, PR, customer care, and many other people.

Before we were using tools, it was very difficult for us to do this. For example if someone changed something on a page, you sent an email to the 10+ admins on the page and were trying to figure out who the hell wrote that joke on that wall?

How do you deal with it? Do you send an email with every request? That’s a little dull, and you will not be able to keep track of things, so the best solution is to use a social media management tool.

You can look around for social media management tools out there, or you can take a look at the one we built – Socialbakers CMS – it is built around our experience with running social media for telecom operators, banks, and other very sensitively structured companies, where you have to make sure everything gets responded.

So how did we solve the problem of the page management?

First we introduced different layers of users, so users can be super admins (FB page admins, can give other admin rights), admins (can’t give admin rights, not a Facebook Page admin), editors (can edit, suggest, but admins have to approve), and viewers (just viewing rights).

As you can see from this screenshot:

Second, we introduced post assigning – you assign someone a post, and you can easily track if he has been finished the assignment or not, and if he is only an editor, approve it once he has completed it.

Last, we figured that more people manage a Facebook page in a single company at the same time, so being able to schedule and approve both comments and posts at the same time was very important to create things like long-term post plans.

Go take a look at Socialbakers CMS – there is a limited version for pages under 50 000 fans, and the tools itself is not an expensive one, and includes many cool things like tab content management!

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