30% Rise in Facebook User Questions During Q1: How Are Brands Coping with the Increase?

More Facebook users are flocking to brand Pages to get answers to their customer service questions. How are brands coping with the increase?

30% Rise in Facebook User Questions During Q1:  How Are Brands Coping with the Increase?

The Volume of Fan Questions has Risen Throughout The last Year

Facebook users have increasingly started to depend on brands’ Pages for their customer care needs. We began measuring Socially Devoted as an industry benchmark in April 2012. From Q2 2012 (June), we measured 756K user questions, which rose to 895K in Q3, and to a 953K during Q4.

However, from Q4 to Q1, the volume of Facebook users spiked drastically by 30%! Brands made a slow go of it, in terms of Response Rates, from Q2 to Q4, but really stepped it up during the last quarter with a 49%!

So, How Did Brands Deal with the Increase?

More and more Facebook users understand the importance of utilizing Facebook Pages for social customer service. Many customers do not have the time or patience to wait for traditional call centers or email, and find faster results through social media channels. As seen on the graph below, brands have certainly risen to the occasion, improving their Response Rates throughout each quarter. Our advice to you would be to keep up the good work and respond to as many user questions as possible, in a timely fashion.

Room for Improvement

While the volume of questions and the number of questions answered on Facebook has increased, so has the time it takes for brands to respond. This is most likely due to the fact that brands have had to cope with the massive increase in questions. In fact, brands may have to dedicate more resources and tools to managing this influx. It is obvious that Facebook has become an increasingly important social customer care channel and fans expect large brands to be present to answer their questions.

The average Response Time for companies on Facebook throughout Q1 has been 22.6 hours. Let’s see if we can get that down to the idea number: 30 minutes! Are you up for the challenge?

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