Engage 2013: A Round Up of Key Insights and Fun Facts

Thank you to all the speakers who came and shared their knowledge and insight at Engage 2013. The turnout was exceptional and we would like to thank the audience, both at the venue and everyone who tuned into the live stream for their attendance.

Engage 2013:  A Round Up of Key Insights and Fun Facts

Jan Shared Important Social Marketing Insights

Jan Rezab, CEO of Socialbakers kicked things off with an oversight of the current trends in Social Media, the increased interaction, adjustment to social media, and the draw of new applications. He emphasized the importance of Social Media to brands and that the abundance of products and tools provided by Socialbakers are integral to their progression, understanding, and integration. Take a look at what he had to say:

Make sure to check out Socialbakers’ YouTube channel for more videos from our Engage 2013 speakers and much more!

Which Engage 2013 Speaker was Most Popular on Twitter?

In the days leading up to Engage 2013, we asked that you help your favorite speaker generate the most buzz by posting tweets that incorporated their Twitter handle, and our Engage 2013 CheerMeter would calculate the winner! Jeremy Waite, Head of Social Strategy EMEA at Adobe, took the lead, with a whopping 831 mentions while the conference was happening! Jan Rezab took second place, with 587 mentions, followed by Bruce Daisely with 395.

From 11:00 AM on April the 22nd until 11:00 PM April 23rd, there was a total 6 107 tweets about Engage 2013 and/or its speakers! Over this period, 4 642 of these tweets promoted #Engage2013, 945 included @jeremywaite and @Socialbakers was mentioned 639 times.

We also measured the total number of Cheers we generated (the sum of all keywords) during this same time period and calculated 8 856. The Engage Conference was trending all day throughout different parts of the UK, and even worldwide at some points! Thanks for helping us to spread the word about our event through Twitter.


Let’s Take a Quick Look at What Some Speakers had to Say

Pete Blackshaw from Nestlé, emphasised the importance of three key points when it came to social Media: listen, engage and inspire. With over 600 Facebook pages, their use of Socialbakers enabled data analysis, benchmarking competition and increased listening skills, all of which has assisted their company strategy. Nestlé’s goal? To understand the customers demand and Socialbakers has helped them to achieve that.

Adobe’s Jeremy Waite gave a detailed description of the “Like-Cycle” that brings together five key social marketing challenges and emphasizes a solid strategy. The five points are:

  • what type of “like” do you want
  • what to with them
  • how to keep them
  • the value of a like
  • the cost of a like

He went continued, saying that defining likes from the most important customers are the only ones that count, this in turn will decrease the amount of money spent on advertising.

Spencer McHugh from EE, Orange, & T-Mobile, spoke about how the company’s growth and depth was down to Product, Service, and Behaviour. Super-fast, creative, and relative content, along with the use of other channels to build the community, have all been effective techniques.

Bruce Daisley from Twitter, came out loaded with key facts: there are 200 million Twitter users globally, 38% of our daily media interactions occur on a smartphone, the average person looks at their phone 150× a day, and 60% of Twitter users tweet while watching TV. The effectiveness of Twitter is proven by its direct correlation on sales, which is significantly stronger than normal advertising.

Paul Papadimitriou from Digital Intelligence, touched on how important it is for a company to define its DNA and within that, it’s Architecture. Websites are a clear demonstration of what the company defines, sells, and how they are organized. Social Personality Discovery by a company leads to success on social. Social Dating is the time spent by a customer getting to know that company. Companies need to listen to customers to discover what content works.

Enon Landenburg explained his entry, along with three friends, into the Google Lunar XPrize. The requirements were to build a spaceship, send it into space, and have it land on the Moon. Through the use of Social Media, networking, storytelling, engagement, and interaction in communities, schools, and television, the awareness of their project has grown and has attracted huge attention.

Thanks for an Amazing Day!

We’ve got more photos of the event on our Facebook Page. And don’t forget to check out our Smilebox photos.

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