Facebook: The Best Ad Types for your Business

If you've ever considered advertising on Facebook, initially you may be confused about which kinds of ads to use and what kind of content to promote. Here’s a rundown of some of the most commonly used ad types.

Facebook: The Best Ad Types for your Business

Starting a new ad campaign can be a bit overwhelming for advertisers, and a number of common questions arise:

  • which type of ads perform best?
  • what type of content should be promoted?
  • do ads that are directed to websites perform well or not?
  • how should you track results?

Through a series of articles about Facebook Ads, we will help you find the answers to those questions and many more.

Firstly, advertisers need to decide between the two main options:

  • Ads: these ad types typically represent the “voice of business” and are ads that can be customized to display the exact message that the advertiser wants to promote and targeted to the people the advertiser wants to reach.
  • Sponsored Stories: these type of ads represent the “friend’s voice.” These are, essentially, messages that come from friends about how they engage with a business. Businesses have the option to pay to promote these stories, so there’s a better chance that people will see them.

Once an advertiser has decided which type of ads to use to promote their content or product(s), they then have a number of other choices. Here are just a few of them for Voice of Business ads:

Ads Page Post Text Ad

This type of ad is best used to promote awareness to current and prospective customers. They can be used on desktop and mobile devices with different placement options (News Feed, Right-hand side).

Advertisers need to be careful when creating the text in these ads since the right-hand side placements only shows the first 90 characters. However, the first 500 characters are shown in the News Feed. The best solution for those planning to promote the ad on the right-hand side of the page would be to create compelling text in the beginning of the post, communicating the most important part of the message in the first 90 characters.

Similar to Page Post Text Ad, advertisers can promote pictures, videos, or links through Page Post Photo Ad, Page Post Video Ad, or Page Post Link Ad following the same rules.

Question Ad

Question ads are best used for driving engagement and collecting valuable data directly from users. Combined with the multiple targeting options offered by Facebook, these ads are really useful for gaining insights on user habits and preferences. Advertisers should be aware that polls will only show the first three answers in the ad. Four answers are shown in the News Feed if exactly four questions have been answered. The first two answers will be shown on right-hand side ads, unless exactly three questions are answered.

Offer Ad

Facebook only recently introduced this type of ad. It is best suited to businesses that offer coupons and deals to their customers. Offer ads can be used for acquisition and conversation with current and prospective customers. They can also be used to increase the loyalty of your current customer base.

Advertisers should be aware that offer ads will only show the first 90 characters of text, so writing compelling messages with a strong call to action is recommended.

Event Ad

Facebook offers a specially designed ad for promoting events. Using the different targeting options help advertisers to reach the correct audience. Advertisers should be aware that Event Ads in News Feeds will only show the Page name, event title, date, time, and location. So, it is recommended that you write information as correctly and concisely as possible. The right-hand side placements work better for advertisers that want to give a bit more about their event (90 characters shown, rest of the text truncated).

Page Like Ad

This is one of the most commonly used ads when it comes to fan acquisition and increasing awareness. Ad text is limited to 90 characters, so advertisers should consider using clear messages and calls-to-action. As with other ad types, the image is one of the most important factors, so advertisers should consider using multiple ad variations with different pictures to find out which ones perform best.

App Ad

If you have a Facebook application to promote, creating an App Add is one of the best ways to drive installations and reach your target audience. Since this ad is also limited to 90 characters of text, advertisers should make every effort to produce clear messaging and calls-to-action.

Mobile App Install Ad

Mobile App Install Ads is a recent addition to the Facebook ad inventory and proves incredibly interesting to advertisers that want to promote mobile apps! Advertisers should be aware of the 130 character limit and the fact that the ad image is taken directly from app center.

Domain Ad

The Domain Ad will help you to promote (or sell) the content you have on a website. However, you must be wary of the text limitations: titles are limited to 25 characters and ad text to 90 characters. The image is very important in these ads. We recommend testing different variations to find the best combination of title, ad text, and picture.

Sponsored Results

Advertisers can display sponsored entries with customized messages in the landing tab based on queries that Facebook users enter into the search box. This ad option is only available on desktop and is suitable for driving app installs or Page discovery.

These are just 12 possible ad options available when you choose the “voice of business” ads. In our next article, we will cover, in more detail, the ad inventory that comes with Sponsored Stories, (the “friend’s voice.”) Be sure to check out part two of our series next week!

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