Engage 2013: See All the Presentations Here!

If you missed our great Engage 2013 event or you'd just like to see some of the amazing presentations again, we have good news for you. You can watch all of the speakers again right here. So get a cup of coffee, sit back, relax and enjoy!

Engage 2013: See All the Presentations Here!

Jan Rezab


The Future of Social Media

See Jan’s presentation and hear how social media has evolved and where it is heading in the future.

Jeremy Waite


The “Like-Cycle”

Highlighting 5 social media challenges with an emphasis on a solid social strategy, Waite gives valuable tips for a strong social presence.

Jiri Voves


Jiri explains Analytics Pro and provides a brief walk-through of the product.

Nicolas Roope & Spencer McHugh

Poke, EE

As the first brand to introduce 4G to the UK, EE had to focus on social for building a large community in a short amount of time.

Lukas Maixner


Lukas explains the role of Socialbakers Plus and how the SocialDashboard is utilized into social strategies.

Lionel Lassalle


Lionel explains the successful social strategies that have proven invaluable for the airline. Lassalle also provides a walk-through of KLM’s social products.

Panel discussion from Engage 2013

Panelists include:

Jeremy Waite, Lionel Lassalle, Nicolas Roope and Spencer McHugh

2nd Panel Discussion

Panelists include:

Maz Nadjm, Craig Le Grice, Neville Hobson and Andrew Grill
Watch as brands answer several questions about social media.

Bruce Daisley


Daisley focuses on tips and suggestions for enhancing a social media strategy.

Maeve O’Sullivan


Maeve explains the journey of Social Brands 100 and its endeavors.

Paul Papadimitriou

Digital Intelligence

Paul focuses on Social DNA and explains how discovering yours can provide the attributes of your customers.

Irene Meister & Frederic Colas

Danone, Group Fullsix

Irene and Frederic explain their worldwide social media endeavor and an upcoming repeat of the journey.

Enon Landenberg

Publicis Group

Enon takes us through the process of building the first social media spaceship.

Leo Ryan & Mat Morrison

Ogilvy, Starcom

Two agencies go head-to-head in a Social Media death match.

Jan Rezab


Closing Speech

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