Taking Advantage of the YouTube Boom!

This week it was reported that YouTube attracts one billion unique visitors and over six billion views per month. We take a look at the top performing brands.

Taking Advantage of the YouTube Boom!

Evian Has the Fastest Growing YouTube Channel this Month

Evian managed to grow its subscribers from 24,000 to 67,082 in just over a week with its U.K advertising campaign baby and me, which has so far reached nearly 50 million views. Interestingly, the company chose to premier the advertisement on YouTube before screening it on UK Television. The YouTube views grew steadily and the television screening did not seem to affect or accelerate the growth of viewership.

Top Ten YouTube Channels by Subscribers

SMTown has seen its subscriber growth rise steadily over the last 6 months, increasing by over 200,000 subscribers. In fact, we can see quite clearly that the music industry and tech brands dominate the top ten list. This is not surprising, considering that both industries are able to upload a steady stream of entertaining content.

In a similar vein, Red Bull is also able to upload a large amount of engaging content focusing, on producing videos of people performing dare devil stunts and tricks – supporting it’s “Red Bull Give You Wings” claim.

However, it is not necessary or possible for all brands to develop a steady amount of content, and so the subscriber metric cannot be used as a measure of success for all companies.

It has recently come to light that YouTube has changed some of its rules, giving cash advances to dozens of video creators, to produce videos for the site. Beforehand, these creators were prohibited from distributing their videos on television or other sites for a period of several years. These rules have been relaxed in the recent months.

One thing is for sure, now that YouTube has more visitors than traditional television, if your brand doesn’t include the channel in its marketing mix, it’s missing a cost effective opportunity to engage with fans and consumers

Stay tuned for our next YouTube update on how brands can leverage this important platform.

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