Interesting Facebook Places numbers

Socialbakers monitors also Facebook Places. Today we bring you some interesting checkin numbers.

Interesting Facebook Places numbers

Socialbakers now monitors Facebook Places, and we have a dedicated Places section where you can find out data how people check-in in different countries.

A couple information about Facebook places that might be interesting for you:

  1. We monitor 2 mil. Facebook places with over 10 checkins in the world
  2. We monitor 1,1 mil. Facebook places with over 10 checkins in the U.S.
  3. There are 1,8 million Facebook places checkins in the world every day from the points we monitor

Top Countries Facebook places statistics:

  1. US around 750 000 checkins / day
  2. UK around 80 – 100 000 checkins / day
  3. Germany around 40 000 checkins / day
  4. Sweden around 30 000 checkins / day
  5. Italy around 15 000 checkins / day

Check out our Facebook Places section for more, we are trying to get in touch with Foursquare to get Foursquare implemented. Wish us luck.

If you are a retailer or an agency who works for anyone with retail shops, we can do quite advanced custom Places analytics. Contact us for more information.

) There might be a set of smaller places, so we might be missing a minority of checkin numbers.

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