It’s Time for Brands to Wake Up – Twitter Matters in Social Customer Care

We are excited to see that brands recognize the importance of social media customer care across various platforms. Since we launched Socially Devoted as an industry standard for customer care, brands up risen to the challenge, increasing their Response Rates and “answered questions.” Check out which industries are stepping up to customer demand on Twitter.

It’s Time for Brands to Wake Up – Twitter Matters in Social Customer Care

Evolution of Industries’ Response Rates on Twitter

Twitter profiles are an effective social media channel which can be used for customer service, connecting with followers by answering questions, tweeting updates on products and services, entertaining, or even managing crises. By using this channel companies reap the benefits of raising brand awareness, deflecting negative sentiment, creating brand loyalty, and much more!

Since we began measuring Socially Devoted on Twitter during Q4 of 2012, brands across many industries have increased their Response Rates – Finance and Retail notably, by 35.4% and 28.6%, respectively. We’re curious to see if each industry can raise their Response Rates above the 65% Socially Devoted criterion. Is your brand up for the challenge?

Top Performing Airline Brands on Twitter

When it comes to service industries, it is especially important to be Socially Devoted throughout your social media platforms. During Q4 2012, four airlines reached our Socially Devoted standard, with exceptionally high Response Rates – American Airlines at 94.34%! Though Response Rates dropped a bit this quarter, brands were faced with a large increase in user questions. Royal Dutch Airlines took the lead, answering 3 169 user questions, and WestJet joined the Socially Devoted rankings with a 73.69% Response Rate.

Please see here for useful tips on how to measure important KPIs for the Airline Industry.

Take Up the Challenge

Despite the overall improvement brands from the FMCG, Automotive, Electronics, and Alcohol Industries were sadly lacking when it comes to social customer care on Twitter. LG Jordan earned a place as the only Socially Devoted electronics brand this quarter with an 80.39% Response Rate. However, its worth noting that this brand only answered 31 questions throughout Q1. Compare this to, say, Tesco Customer Care, who answered 7 129 questions this quarter and you’ll get some idea of the difference in scale.

We suggest looking to industries, such as fashion, that have drastically improved their customer care. Nike Support continues to realize the importance of answering user questions on Twitter, maintaining their 79% Response Rate even with an increase of 614 questions during Q1. Make it a goal to be as responsive as these Socially Devoted brands and improve your customer care on Twitter today!

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