Introducing the Socialbakers Ambassadors & Socialbakers Consuls

Socialbakers is opening Socialbakers Ambassadors program!

Introducing the Socialbakers Ambassadors & Socialbakers Consuls

Last week we announced that we are opening the Socialbakers Ambassadors program. This is amazing for many reasons.

We have received over hundreds of applicants from around the world, and we are very excited today to announce that we have made the selection of our ambassadors, and our consuls. And let me say for the entire team of Socialbakers who worked on this, it really wasn’t easy!

So what did we have to do? We selected from a wide range of criteria, including the network, activity, and also the motivational letter on why these people should become Socialbakers ambassadors or Socialbakers consuls.

Soon we will launch a section on Socialbakers dedicated to our ambassadors and consuls so make sure to check it out!

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