Exclusive German Local Report for May

Check out the exclusive German local report for May!

Exclusive German Local Report for May

The number of users on Facebook in Germany is now at a value of 18,6 million users which makes it the 11th biggest country on Facebook. Just in the month of May, Germany gained over 440 000 users.

From the brands currently listed in our database, content which attracted most of their fans was posted by Sony PlayStation DE, Spee and Pril follow on the 2nd and 3rd place.

These are the TOP 10 brands which we currently have in our database based on Fan Engagement.

Regarding the Wall activity of Pages, we use the so called Wall Activity Index where we compare the number of user wall posts divided by total number of fans. This gives us an idea of which Facebook Page has the most active Fans.

Based on this index, the most active brands on Facebook in Germany in May that we follow on our portal are:

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