A Guide to YouTube’s New Channel Layout

Last week, YouTube introduced a new layout for all users called YouTube One Channel. Read our guide to find out the new features and layout requirements.

A Guide to YouTube’s New Channel Layout

Cover Photo

Similarly to Facebook and Google+, YouTube’s new layout will also display a cover photo at the top of your Channel. Images are important for establishing connections and engaging your fans, so be sure to choose one which best represents what your company stands for.

This new image can be seen on TV, desktop, tablet, and mobile, but note that the image should come in a variety of sizes for optimal visualization on different devices. The standard dimensions for desktop are 2560 × 1440 px. From there, devices, such as mobile and tablet, feature a smaller version of the photo and cropping may occur. Take a look at the dimensions below:


The new YouTube One Channel also features a trailer of your choosing. This is basically a welcome video, from which users and fans can get to know your brand better. Remember, this is a way to grow your subscriber base, so it is important to treat this trailer as an advertisement. Keep it short and sweet, but make sure that it clearly defines your company’s philosophies.

Now that you’ve got the run down of the new features that YouTube is offering, why not begin using the new layout today? Get started here.

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