Twitter Opens Its Analytics to Users, We Offer More!

Now, Twitter users can access Analytics through the Twitter Ads free dashboard. This tool, previously available only to paying customers, offers insights and metrics into how your Twitter Profiles are performing.

Twitter Opens Its Analytics to Users, We Offer More!

In order to spread the word about the Twitter Ads platform, Twitter is offering free analytics to Twitter users. To access these analytics, Profile holders must log into the Twitter Ads Page, where you can find the option to view analytics for your timeline activity on the right-hand corner.

What Twitter’s Analytics Has to Offer

  • In Timeline Activity view, users can see their last 30 days of tweets, in addition to the number of favorites, retweets, and replies they have received.
  • Twitter also tracks how many times the links within the tweet has been clicked and highlights the best performing posts based on their reach.
  • The Followers view provides a graph with the evolution of follower growth. Here you gain insights about follower demographics, as this view offers information on follower location, gender, and interests.
  • All data can be downloaded into a CSV file to access at a later time.

Note: According to The Verge, “While all Twitter users are able to access Twitter Analytics, it appears that not all accounts are displaying detailed information.”

What Socialbakers’ Twitter Analytics Has to Offer

For the past two years, Socialbakers has also been offering Twitter Analytics through our Analytics Pro tool. We offer a comprehensive look, in graphical form, into many different stats in order to see how your Profile is performing. On top of this, you can compare your performance to that of your competitor’s through side-by-side graphs.

Our Twitter Analytics General Info section offers graphs on the following information:

  1. Total Number of Followers
  2. Growth of Total Followers
  3. Total Following
  4. Growth of Total Following
  5. Tweets vs. Retweets vs. Replies
  6. Tweets vs. Retweets vs. Replies Ratio
  7. Total Tweets Per Hour
  8. Total Mentions
  9. Average Tweet Engagement Rate
  10. Moving Average of Tweet Engagement Rate

Take a look at some examples below:

In addition to the graphs found in the General Info section, our left-hand side bar offers a more in-depth look at Followers, Tweets, Engagement Rating, Key Influencers, and Response Rate, providing even more graphical data on the stats for a selected Profile! We understand that we offer a plethora of information, so we also give you the opportunity to request a Custom Report, which you will then receive in a comprehensive and sharable form. You have the option to generate this directly or have it sent to your email.

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