YouTube vs. Vine: Which Format Gives the Best Results on Twitter?

At the beginning of this year, Twitter introduced its Vine app. But should you be considering it as part of your brand’s marketing mix? We took a look at the engagement rates to find out, the results may surprise you...

YouTube vs. Vine:  Which Format Gives the Best Results on Twitter?

For Those Who Don’t Know

Vine is a mobile application that allows users to create short, looping videos in six- second intervals. These videos encourage users to express themselves in a fun, straight-to-the-point manner, since longer content is prohibited. It’s only natural that Twitter soon acquired the app, as they mirror each other through their use of brief messages and entertaining snapshots.

Do you know why you should be posting videos to Facebook?

YouTube, however, has been prominent since its inception in 2005. In fact, its 1 billion monthly viewers led experts to conclude in March, that it is a more popular medium than television.

But do fans prefer the new shorter video format or are they more attracted by a trusted YouTube video upload when visiting Twitter Profiles?

Vine Catches Up!

Tweeted YouTube videos earned a 0.048% Engagement Rate. Compare this to Tweets containing Vine uploads which earned a 0.031% Engagement Rate. That means in the six months since Vine was introduced to social media, it has almost caught up to YouTube uploads on Twitter in terms of engagement. This is amazing considering that for most of its life, Vine was only available on iPhones and iPads.

Mobile Makes it Easier

One reason that Vine may be gaining such popularity is because of how simple it is to upload onto the Twitter platform. After downloading the app, users can shoot the video through their smartphone, and upload through the phone’s without the need for professional camera work, editing, and, therefore, significant budgets. It also takes seconds rather than minutes to view. In a previous study, we found that 66% of people use mobile to tweet about brands, so any tweet friendly format is an extra bonus. As we mentioned, the Vine app was previously available only for iPhone and iPad users, who account for about 44% of people who use mobile to tweet about brands. Earlier this month, Vine became available to Android users, who make up 20% of mobile Tweeters, which is expected to create a larger pool of Vine videos.

Jump on the Social Media Bandwagon

When developing social media content, it is always a good idea to continue to market through trusted channels, but why not make room to experiment? Riding the coattails of a trending topic, or app such as Vine, will give your brand a clear advantage when communicating through Twitter.

To throw another social media video-share into the mix, it has been rumored that Instagram will also have video capabilities. TechCrunch states, “On June 20, a source says Facebook will unveil that Instagram, its popular photo-sharing app, will begin to let people also take and share short videos. Call it the Vine effect.” This addition, to the already popular Instagram, may provide you with yet another great way to market your brand.

Let’s See How Brands Do It

UK cereal brand, Weetabix, had a Vine tweet with the highest engagement rate (9%) throughout May, with a video demonstrating how easily it is to consume their product while on-the-go. This video, accompanied with a call-to-action really got Twitter fans moving.

The fruit drink, TriNa, had the YouTube tweet with the highest engagement rate during this time period, at 42%! In this video, the brand included musician Dani Martin to express their brand’s message and the text to advertise their new time slot on Telecinco y Cuatro.

Note: During this study, Vine was only available through iPhone and iPad. The app is now available for Android. We will conduct a study in the next coming weeks to see if it impacts engagement.

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YouTube or Vine? Which video type would you prefer to watch? Let us know in the comments section below.

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